Meta Forza sitting downComing from within you, Meta Forza transfers your energy and translates it into a sound that you can resonate with most, thus allowing your own ears to indulge. Herein lies the self referencing beauty, as it all returns to the ultimate source – you.

You are an artist, a creator whether you realize it or not. For without the listener, there is no art; without the art, there is no artist. It is this cycle that binds us, that guides us and drives us.

It is this symbiotic relationship that creates this mysteriously seductive synergy.

Together, any and all obstacles impeding our path towards bliss and righteousness shall be overcome. Live in fear no longer, for this divine energy’s presence can already be felt and will now guide you. All that is necessary is to take action and to strive in the things that matter most to you while never losing sight of your vision. Then and only then shall we achieve our fulfillment.